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I am a Video Game Designer. I have developed many games with small teams, as Designer, Programmer, and other roles. I use Unity 3D, UDK, and Flash, and I can code in a pinch with ActionScript 3 and other languages.

I time-track habitually, and know my way around Unfuddle and Redmine, as well asversion control software like Subversion and Git.

My philosophy is that each part of game design combine to create a cohesive whole. Every aspect of a game compliments and reinforces the others, converging into the game's theme.

When I write stories, every mechanic must have a narrative reason for its existence and prominence in the game. When I design mechanics, I consider the ramifications of incorporating the mechanic in the game. It must mesh well with other mechanics, and must allow for a variety of obstacles that can use it. When I design levels, they utilize the mechanics fluidly. I design levels around a central theme that focuses on one mechanic, whether to teach or challenge the player in its use. I also design levels that are consistent with the narrative; every puzzle, enemy, or decoration has its narrative reason for existing.

When I create games, they feel complete. They feel as though they have no loose ends, in story, mechanics, or level design.

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